Electronic Milk Tester by Reil

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This is a study made during training at the organization. The source of write up is company and internet. I hereby do not take any disclaim of content of matter. It should be used for reference and study purpose only.


Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Ltd. was founded to aid in the upliftment of the rural masses by enpowering them, making them self-reliant and upgrading their living conditions by taking electronics to the villages.

Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Ltd. (REIL) has a prominent place amongst the electronics industry of Rajasthan. The company is a joint venture between the Government of India & the Government of Rajasthan, through their respective institutions. The company was conferred the status of a "MINI RATNA" by the Department of Public Enterprises, Ministry of Industry, Government of India in 1997. It has been certified as an ISO 9001 firm w.e.f. The area of business extends to manufacturing and marketing of electronic products/ services in the following areas:

[pic]  Agro-Dairy Sector
[pic]  Solar Photovoltaic Sector
[pic]  Industrial Electronics Sector
[pic]  Information Technology

REIL has its registered office & Manufacturing facilities situated in Jaipur. Other offices include the corporate office within the city and Field maintenance centers (FMCs) and Sub-FMC's spread over most of the regions of the country. The birth of cooperative movement in India has its roots in the vision of Dr. Verghese Kurein, ex-Chairman, NDDB. He realized that the upliftment of marginal dairy farmers lay in their own hands through cooperative movement at community level. NDDB, along with Department of Electronics, Govt. of India conceived a project to introduce Electronic Milk Testers (EMT), for accurate and instant display of fat content in milk. The technology was arranged in collaboration with Danish Organization M/s. N Foss Electric, and thus Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Limited was born in 1981. Encouraged by the success of the EMT and the willingness of the rural folk to accept modern technology, REIL initiated a bold step of providing a paradigm shift in technology by introducing computers at village level. It also made forays into the Renewable Energy Sector as well as Industrial Electronics and IT and has never looked back since. With the advent of Solar Photovoltaic technology in the country and looking to its prospective applications for the rural areas, the company ventured into this segment, initially to manufacture SPV Modules in 1985. In the field of SPV technology the company further diversified into the manufacture of Solar Photovoltaic based application products, sub-systems and integrated systems most of which were developed in-house. In the SPV segment, the Company manufactures SPV modules and application systems including Domestic Lighting System, Street Lighting System, and Chargeable Power Packs for the rural, telecom, Railway and Defense sectors. The company has a strong in-house Govt. recognized Research & Development Division which has enabled the company to effect considerable improvements in the initial adopted technologies. Indigenization of the Milk Testing equipment and incorporating the latest State-of-the-Art microprocessor designs over the initial and older LSI designs has enabled more features and new add-on equipment has been developed to provide integrated system solutions. A prestigious collaboration with the Department of Electronics (DoE ) in 1990 for the establishment of Rural Electronics Technology Centre and an award from DoE for Excellence in Electronics in 1991, testify REIL's achievements in the field of Rural Electronics. The Consistency in Excellence is recognized with repeated award for Excellence in Electronics for the year 2001, given by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology The Company has an authorized capital of Rs. 150 Lacs (US$ 0.33 million approx.) and a paid-up capital of Rs 125 Lacs (US$ 0.27 million...
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