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Topics: Medicine, Electronic health record, Physician Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: November 4, 2012
This paper will provide the pros and cons of changing to an all-electronic health records structure and the data that is entered into the records. It will also provide an example of an innovative system integrated into the Veterans Affairs healthcare system.

Electronic health records are an innovative new system that manages patients’ files. It has altered from the old patient info systems into this more arranged and regulated database. It creates a system that connects the data of all patients; from past hospital visits, allergies, treatments and demographics. EHR’s are crucial to the growth of the medical field; it allows a comprehensive visual of the health care field. A patient is able to handle their individual health information with simplicity and identify any erroneous data. One is able to revise their insurance and payment information with just a few clicks. The innovated EHR allows patients to have some kind of reassurance on the accuracy of the data being seen by their physicians and staff; that their checkups will be without delay because the need of unnecessary paperwork would be out of place. Medical doctors are capable to enter the system distantly without any slit, which is critical in case of emergencies. The EHR supports evidence-based medicine across the system because it permits clinical census to increase and advance the effectiveness of health methods. EHR systems let patients involve themselves in clinical trials; find doctors that are specified in services that they possibly will necessitate, and let medical students and clinicians situate medical environments that contribute to their trained and educational focuses. The EHR structures may have its rewards but there are limitations to maintain a system, which is roughly a national catalog for patient data and files. One shortcoming to the system is the cost linked to changing and the financial setback that small clinic could sustain....

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