Electronic Dental Patients Record

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Topic No. 1

Development of Electronic Dental Patient’s Record System for SM Lazo Dental Clinic.

Main Problem:

How to develop an electronic system that gives consistent information at the same time gives clear assessment of patient’s condition and protect the privacy of their costumer?

Specific Problems:

1. Duplicative or inconsistent information due to numerous files of patients.

2. Deficient clear assessment of a patient’s clinical condition.

3. Low level of security to protect patient’s privacy and of their information.

Causes of the Problems:

1. Human errors.
2. Unorganized filling of records.
3. Lack of knowledge in computer applications.

Effects of the Problems:

1. Inaccurate data of their clients.
2. Delay of releasing of records.
3. Time consuming.


Topic No.: 1

I. Specific Topic: Electronic Dental Patient’s Record for SM Lazo Dental Clinic

II. Definition of the Topic:

A. Importance and Significance
As patients become savvier about their healthcare and more frugal with their money, it is of utmost importance that dentists have the latest, greatest, and most innovative technology. In particular, moving from paper records to electronic dental patient records can boost a practice’s bottom line, while directly benefiting patients. The greatest benefits of electronic dental patient records are the convenience and the amount of time saved with each appointment. EDPRs can be integrated with Web-based registration that allowing dentists to have instant access to patients’ complete information from anywhere with a secure Internet connection. The time saved allows the dentists to see more patients without compromising quality of care. Additionally, electronic records provide a layer of security by prominently displaying any patient allergies or other safety concerns.

B. Manageability: (Scope and Limitations) this will help you build your scope and limitation.

What: Electronic Dental Patient’s Record for SM Lazo Dental Clinic.

Who: SM Lazo dental staff and patients.

When: The Center was established by Dr. Salvador M. Lazo whose specialization is family medicine practiced and served the residents of Malate and nearby districts in Manila. As shared by all our personnel, our mission is to provide high quality occupational and industrial medical services and accurate and prompt medical results to the most number of Filipinos.

The SM Lazo Medical Clinic, Inc. (SMLMCI) is comprehensively designed for pre-employment medical examination for overseas placements, local companies, and annual medical examinations including executive checkups and required hospitalization services with affiliates. Hence, we, at SMLMCI, are committed to the pursuit of excellence. We have the equipment, facilities, expertise and amenities necessary to fulfill the needs of our clients in 1987 the Philippine Government and Department of Health has granted its accreditation.

Why: SM Lazo Dental Clinic is having a difficult in consistency of their files because of numerous files. Chances are duplications and inconsistency of information. The clinic is having a problem in giving clear assessment of a patient’s clinical condition due to inaccurate files that they have. The other reason is the low level of security to protect their patient’s privacy and of their information.

How: Electronic Dental Patient’s Record will design using Adobe Photoshop for photo editing, Case tools, and front-end for operating systems and back-end for user interface. We will use the programming languages like PHP and HTML for executing the codes.

C. Availability of Resources: (Sources of Information) Where do you intend to get the information?

Primary Data:...
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