Electronic Communication

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Impact of Electronic Communication on Society

Impact of Electronic Communication
The effect of electronic communication on everyday publication has increased the impact of mass communication, the change from verbally talking face to face and receiving and sending important things quicker. Some of the earliest forms of communication devices included runners and pigeons. With these communication devices, a message could take weeks before reaching its destination. Thanks to technology, all you have to do these days is send an email and your message will reach its destination within minutes. Email, social networking websites, instant messaging, cell phones and blogs are a few examples of communication devices that have been made possible by technology. Communication utilizing technology is referred to as "mediated communication." Talking on a cell phone, sending an email and watching television all require a technological element to deliver the message. “Technology is constantly offering new methods for communication; therefore the amount of mediated communication in our lives is expanding. The term "mass communication" refers to any message that is shared with a large audience.” (Lane). The message may be limited to a specific time or accessible over a large time period. Frequently, mass communication requires the use of some form of technology, especially for enduring messages. However, mediated communication is not always mass communication. Talking on a cell phone or sending a personal email does not involve providing a large number of people with a message. Receiving a mass email, watching the news or visiting an Internet site are all examples of mediated communication that is also mass communication. This has resulted in the emergence of the term "mediated mass communication." Media convergence plays an important role in the evolution of mass communication. Media convergence occurs when established forms of communication technology merge to create new...
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