Electronic Commerce and IT

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Electronic Commerce and IT
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I am in group eight with teammates including Meng Li, Jiayu Liu, Yuequan Qin,and Zhezhi Zeng, and as the only man in the team, I was asked to be the team leader in the first time. However, after having several discussions, I found that I do not have enough capability to be a good leader because I am lacking of professional knowledge and cannot able to coordinate the internal conflict. As a result, we select a new leader, and my job is to search the information of UK express companies and also responsible for marketing part in presentation.

Through this group assignment, I really learned much. First, I realize that I should learn more about finance and accounting .when talking about the last part in presentation during discussion, I cannot participate in the debate, and even do not know what they said when comes some proper nouns. Although my major is logistics, it is good for me to learn more about other subject knowledge such as finance and management. Second is although

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