Electronic Banking

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In the era of globalization and modernization, the global economic growth has an enormous impacts in terms of technology subsequently it leads to the development of the digital economy. Typically, customers are increasingly demanding more value at least cost and as quickly as quickly as possible. Therefore, in 1981, electronic banking (e-banking) in Malaysia was began which the existence of ATM then followed by phone banking in 1990. After that, the revolution of electronic banking is constantly growth with the PC banking. E-Banking is a banking service through electronic channels which delivered over the internet, wireless network, automated teller machine (ATM), mobile telephone network or other electronic terminals or devices. E-banking also include the system that allows customers to access accounts, transact business or getting information on financial products and services through network. 2.0 SCOPE OF ELECTRONIC BANKING

Scope of electronic banking (e-banking) is for banking user and the internet banking user. 3.0 MODUS OPERANDI OF ELECTRONIC BANKING
In e-banking, there are two methods to use the e-banking which are using a telephone connection or using personal computers as below.

Source: Chovanova, I. A. (2006)
Furthermore, the table below briefly explains how to use the e-banking. METHODS OF E-BANKING| DESCRIPTION|
Telephone Connection| Phone banking * Automated Telephone System:The system is same as for communication customer advisor. It works on the basis of a menu item on the telephone that provided for customers.| | Mobile banking * SMS Banking:Customers can automatically receive information about the account balance after a certain operation is performed. It also can be used upon request. * GSM SIM Toolkit:It only can be used for a mobile phone that supports this technology. * Wireless Application Protocol (WAP):It only can be used for a mobile phone that supports WAP...

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