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Topics: Team, Department store Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: July 10, 2011
1. How did Electrolux Chief Executive Strasberg break down barriers (and increase communications) between departments? Why did he do that? Explain Some of the measures he did were:
a. He forces all his personal from different departments to see the objectives of the company as the main of objective of everybody. b. The main focus or the principal objectives was to find out what were the need of the customer, and the way to satisfied them. c. He recruited top level managers with vast experiences facing tough situation. d. Those executive come on from other famous firms which have face hard time and had succeed. e. He motivated the employees to think as the customers as a way to discover what they need and the way to satisfy that need with an invention from them.

He did that to break the communication barriers that could exist between each department, and to empower each person of the company to decide and make the right choice on their own. He also did that as a way to reduce cost, increase speed and innovation, plus to diminish complexity among hierarchy levels. By doing theses, the employees change the view of the customers as someone aside them. He breaks also any possible barriers that could exist between departmental units. He made them interrelate and communicate more one another, and shows them to pursuit a common goal. He also motivates them to create cross functional team. 2. What are the advantages for Electrolux of having individuals from different departments and functional areas work together on product designs? Describe

1. The bureaucracy process that takes to create a product, and wait for the next department in line to complete their part was eliminated. Since inter-departmental personal were in the same team, possible problem were caught or avoid by the first previous departmental employee. 2. He avoids the waiting process of inter-departmental inputs. The opinion of personal from different...

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