Electro Anima

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Andrian Fernandopulle

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My Imaginary Animal

Good morning everyone. I am Andrian Fernandopulle and today I am here to introduce my imaginary animal for you all. After coming home from classes on Thursday, I was thinking what kind of animal I should think of. At that moment I got a text message from my mother saying that she will not be able to come on Skype because there is a power cut. So this incident brought me an idea for an imaginary animal. Then I got the idea of this Electro-Anima who generates power in its food digestion process. As I mentioned earlier the name of my imaginary animal is Electro-Anima. This Electro-Anima falls in to the category of insects and they are only found among the hill Country Cities in Srilanka. And they mostly live on top of trees and buildings. The male animal is called as Electro-Animo & the female animal is called as Electra-Anima. Usually an Electro-Anima is 10cm in height and 20cm in width with its wings. This picture shows a model of this Electro-Anima. As you can see this animal has a huge head which is kind of similar to human beings. And they are totally blue in color. They only have one eye which takes the shape of a rectangle; they also have two nostrils which takes a triangular shape and a mouth which is also rectangular shape. And they have four thin wings which make them fly. These animals also have small two antenna type torn on the top of their head which generates electricity. Usually their body which is on the bottom of their head is only used to balance on the surface when they are not flying because most of the time they fly. The only difference between female & male electro-animas can be found under their body which is similar to the difference between male & female human beings. The most important fact about these animals is their ability to generate electricity when they digest food. Whenever they digest food their body generates electricity and it comes out...
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