Topics: Abdur Rahman Khan, Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf Pages: 3 (508 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Project Report On:
Proper Use of Electricity
Submitted to:
Bilkis Fahmida
Course Instructor-ENG 102
Submitted By:
Group No: 6
Sagor Hasan-12203022
MD. Shamsuzzaman-12203009
Chanchal Devnath-12203030
Proshanto Bhowmik-12203012
Sardar Ahmed Hasnain-12203025

Program: BCSE
Submission Date: 7/11/2012

Table of Content:
* Introduction
* Targeted area & targeted people
* Visiting our targeted area
* Field work
* Problem facing
* Present situation of targeted people
* Conclusion
* Acknowledgement

We have chosen this topic because we have noticed that electricity problem is one of the major problems in our country. Our GOVT. fills up only 53.78% as our total demands. We found that misuse of electricity increasing day by day. Most the peoples have no idea about the proper use of electricity. For this reason, we have chosen this topic to make awareness among the people.

Our targeted area is West Vurulia, Duet, Gazipur. About 10000 people live here. We have selected ten families. They have no proper idea about the proper use of electricity. So we have targeted them. The targeted Family’s head name:

1. MD. Jahangir Alam
2. MD. Sultanuddin Sarkar
3. MD. Humayun Kabir
4. Shariful Islam
5. Tajul Islam
6. Mahfuzul Alam
7. Abdur Rahman
8. Showkot Alam
9. Anisur Rahman
10. Rahima Akter

At first we have gone to our targeted area. Then we find our targeted family one by one. First we have talked with them about proper use of electricity and told them about electricity problem in our country. Most of them said that they don’t have proper idea about the problem. When we visited those families, we found somewhere that they switch on the fans and lights unnecessarily. Mobile chargers and other charging elements are plugged in the socket all time. Then...
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