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AEL-list tools repair locker
APL-equipment fixed to the hull/vessel
* (management information configuration allowances) tailored to a specific individual unit or unit class * Parts of mica:
1. Section a- equipment nomenclature sequence- list of apl/ael-sorted by equipment 2. Section b- hsc description sequence- list of apl/ael-sorted by structure coed 3. Section c- hsc code sequence- list of apl/ael-sorted by HSC 4. Section d-apl/ael number sequence- list of apl/ael-sorted by apl/ael number FED log:

* Made up in two files
1. Interactive query coast guard only uses this one used as information resource 2. Batch file
* Wild card is the ability to search characters or numbers * Data view bar provides quick links to different screens in fed log * Icon (magnifingglass)Characteristics data response- provides description information * Icon (man) Management Data response- provides the service/agency CMPLUS:

* Supports unit supply mission
* Take material from inventory you must do an initial request * Inventory
* Initial requests
* Initial requests
* Orders
* Receipts
* Suppliers allowances
* Group inventory

OPFAC- identifies each Coast Guard unit
* Fill out a surlog:
1. Department coed
2. Opfac
3. Cog code
4. Stock number
5. Unit of issue
6. Nomenclature andsupplier
7. Quanitity needed
8. Cost
* federal supply system
* keep track of how much money you have expended
* identify what is ordered and what has been recived
* if you are copying information from old surg log confirm info in fedlog.

Procurement request- form dot f 4200.1.2 cg- commercial suppliers MPC- PMS detail instruction card
E.g- A-M-3356(A=auxiliary M=monthly 3356=identification number) M-main propulsion machinery
R-damage control
NEM- m9000.6
ELC website -submit a change
Engineering dept shall maintain single tag-out log
Tag out- comdtinst 9077.1
* Check and audits once every two weeks by cognizant dept * Tag numbers shall start over OCT 1
* Size of the vessel determines the number of tag-out logs required * Replacing a missing tag- next sequential number on tag out sheet * Check correctly installed visual compare- tag out record sheet and tag audit Recommend change in PMS procedures must:

* In written form
* Given to the PSM coordinator

FPD( financial and procurement) provides acquisitions and accounting First quarter- is oct-dec
Take material from inventory you must do an initial request


Tachometer- is an instrument that generates, transmits, and indicates info that is converted into a measurement of rotation speed Verify reading against info found on nameplate data
4 types of Tachometer:
1. Chronometric Tachometer, accessible shaft, press and release start button, displays after 5sec 2. Centrifugal tachometer, continuous reading of rpm’s on accessible shaft 3. Resonant tachometer, vibrating, when shaft is not accessible 4. Photo-electric tachometer, battery operated, non-contact(place reflective tape on shaft Calibration done- 12 to 18 months, sticker has last calibration and due date Frequency = number of cycles in a given time

F (Hertz) = number of poles X rpm/120
Rpm=120 X f/ no of poles


Pressures Transducers- convert pressure into an electrical output signal that is proportionate to the input pressure. Always obtain permission prior to troubleshooting, isolate from the pressurized system Replace with same type or a higher grade

King nutronics- 2250 psi
Uses 4-20ma so it travel longer distances
Don’t zero and span to compensate reading
Easily manipulated
Prone to interference
Troubleshooting- verify transducer is the problem

Resistance Temp Detector

RTD (resistance temp detector) temp sensor whose electrical resistance changes linearly with change in temp RTD is connected...
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