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Topics: The Delivery, Manufacturing, Production management Pages: 3 (493 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Preliminary – Project Initiation Document
Laban Skold is a renowned specialist in production management consultant in production management and industrial change. Also, he has return to his former employer, Ventab in Flodkoping, for family reasons. Now, he is ready to work and the first concern is to start the integration process of a new acquisition, Flaktia AB in Rolfstand. Ventab is a Swedish firm that is specialized in ventilation equipment for apartment blocks and commercial properties in Scandinavia. In Flodkoping there are two companies: the parent company, which its board members make the important decisions, and its subsidiary. The Flodkoping plant produces air filters. The group also has plants in Norway and Finland that specialize in ventilation ducts. Indeed, it is important to say the air filters are the product that has more rotation, because they are needed for new installations but they also are needed for maintenance.

Laban’s first impression is an efficient well-run plant but a gloomy mood, and he thinks this is weird. The personnel is showing signs of apathy and Womack, Production Manager, has not succeeded in improving productivity despite a comprehensive lean manufacturing programme. Furthermore, the delivery ability is falling and according to several people in the company, Ventab’s Swedish subsidiary is falling on the verge of making a loss. Also, the board hesitates to make large investments in new production equipment simply because the existing manufacturing is not performing as it should.

Now, after this first context, Roine enters and provides more details about the situation and the new work. Indeed, the distribution of the company with the new acquisition is very clear to both, and also the roll that the Skogsby plant plays in the jigsaw could be important.

Therefore, the roll of Laban has increased and change due to the new technology, the acquisition and the capacity problems. Laban considers all this can be solved with...
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