Electric Shock: the Summary

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In my ENC1102 class, we were tasked with writing a story based on another story we had read... The story was called Bullet in the Brain By Tobias Wolff, its about how the main characters flaws led to his death. And I had to write about how certain flaws of mine would cause the death written in the story. I first put my summary of the story and then the short story for your entertainment purposes. Please let me know what you think...

Electric Shock
The Summary

Electric Shock was my rendition of Bullet in the Brain by Tobias Wolff. It was hard for me to come up with an idea of a way for me to die; but I thought of the time when I was waiting for the train and a man in a wheel chair warned me about the dangers of standing too close. I decided to take that moment in my life and exaggerate it while still keeping it believable. I didn’t know how I was going to be able to write at least three pages about such a short moment. Death is a touchy subject and I almost didn’t write this story, but the night before it was due I managed to get started at midnight. By the time I was done writing I ended up with 6 pages of material. I hated having to cut out parts of my story for the revision because I was proud of the work I had done in such a short time. During the revision process for this story I emailed it to many of my close friends and asked for their opinions. In doing this I learned that no two people are going to view my story the same; to some it was touching, or funny, or sad, or a true reflection of me but to others it was just uninteresting. I think Professor Friedman assigned this to make us be able to think objectively and be able to write about death. Writing about your own death can be overwhelming but I was able to get past the feeling; when I came up with the funny ending to a very serious and emotional story.

Electric Shock

On a dreadfully hot Miami morning after having woken up late, he had to rush so he could catch...
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