Electric Cars

Topics: Automobile, Petroleum, Internal combustion engine Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: January 30, 2011
Christopher Tran
EWRT 211
Persuasive Essay
Transportation is the best technology that is ever created in this world because without it there would be no way people will get around. To travel around we need gas to power these vehicles we use to travel around from place to place. Gas is oil that almost the whole world uses every day to fuel up the tank of our cars, motorcycles, trunks, and so on, to be able to run. The use of gas is always being used and to change the type of fuel we use for our vehicles will be really difficult because so many people are already using gas for fuel. Although is gas an efficient way to fuel our vehicles, changing cars to use electricity will help the environment and also save lots of money.

Electric cars are something everyone should invest in because it saves a lot of money. Many people probably think that it will cost a lot of money because of the installation but in the long run you would actually save more than gasoline does. People can also make it convenient to have a charger installed in their homes so that they don’t have to pay or travel far just to recharge. Using electric cars will keep our environment from being polluted and save us from global warming. If everyone were to switch to electric cars we would not smell the terrible gasoline smell all the time which is bad for your body and the world. Electric cars has no smell, makes no noises, runs smooth, and is really light weight compared to the regular cars that run on gasoline which is really heavy.
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