Election Night Remarks

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Emily McReynolds
English 101

August 26, 2013

Election Night Remarks

Although he did not start with the most promising campaign, he ended up winning it all, he became the president of the United States. They did not start with a lot of money, or a lot of endorsements, but it all did not matter. There was the biggest turn out in voter history, people waited hours to show their support, so their voice could be heard. His campaign was built and supported by hard working men and woman. He could not have done it without the help of the many people he mentioned. He got support from his campaign manager David Plouffe, his chief strategist David Axelrod, and his wife and two beautiful daughters.

Barack Obama gave this speech on November 4th 2008 in Grant Park, Chicago. He spoke to an audience of about 240,000. This speech was viewed on television and the internet by millions of people around the world. Obama's speech focused on the major issues facing the United States and the world, all reminding us of his campaign slogan of change. In his speech, Obama reflected on the hard times of the campaign and the challenges that America would face ahead.

On that evening President-Elect Barack Obama gave a victory speech that ended his twenty-one month campaign for President. However, the speech did not serve as a statement of victory but, instead, a promise for the future. The speech was short, taking less than twenty minutes to deliver. Despite its length, the speech was able to speak not just to Americans, but also to those who were watching worldwide. The speech looked back on the long campaign, and looked forward to the challenges of the future. Obama used the themes and messages like those in his campaigns for speaking to the American people.

Barack Obama has proven to be a good public speaker. He spoke in a formal manor and showed America how professional he is. He directed his speech to everyone in America, not just one group of people. He...
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