Topics: Barack Obama, Democratic Party, United States Pages: 3 (508 words) Published: March 25, 2015
Is Our Election Process Fair?

By Jarmari Taylor

OUR ELECTION IS NOT FAIR FOR OUR CITY! YES IT’S VERY FAIR! HOW? WHAT DO THEY DO FOR US AFRICAN AMERICANS? NOTHING! I strongly feel that our election process is not fair and I say it with what I know about the election. First reason is because is have racism in it. Second reason is because the Electoral College. Lastly the reason is because of the popular cities.

First reason I strongly said the election process is unfair because its racism. When Barack Obama ran an election to become the President of the USA, people start judging African Americans. Mainly everyone pointed their fingers at the Obama family. Which is wrong because we are not different from no other race. When Barack Obama won on January 20, 2009, The USA changed their prospectus on a lot. From the economic, businesses, to communities & etc. Across the USA, there is still racism going on. I was once caught in an incident that dealt with a racist elder in the suburbs of Illinois. An elder white man said it must be free food when my uncle took us out for a breakfast meal. I felt angry and furious. Also, people think African Americans vote does not count. I honestly think our vote doesn’t count and a small amount of other races doesn’t neither. Second reason why I say the election process is unfair is because Electoral College. While the institution of the Electoral College isn't as negative as some of its detractors have claimed, it does create some alarming problems. First, the Electoral College over-represents voters in rural states and frequently does not reflect popular will. For instance, Alaska receives the standard three electoral votes, while California receives 55 electoral votes. This would appear to be fair considering the difference in population but in reality the citizens of Alaska’s vote hold more power than the votes of the citizens of California because of the percentage breakdown. Second, the Electoral...
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