Eleanor of Aquitaine, an Influential Person in Medieval Europe

Topics: Henry II of England, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard I of England Pages: 3 (765 words) Published: April 24, 2001
Eleanor was one of three grandchildren born from the dishonest relationship between William IX of Aquitaine and Dangereuse, wife of the viscount of Châtellerault. William IX had stolen Dangereuse from the viscount, and even though the two could not officially marry, they had allowed their oldest children to marry each other. Dangereuse's oldest daughter Aenor had married William IX's oldest son, William X. They had three children, two daughters, Eleanor and Petronilla, and a son, William Aigret. Of the three, Eleanor was unique in that she resembled her grandparents more than she did her parents. She had the same traits of an iron will, gaiety, restlessness, and intelligence possessed by her grandparents. These are the trains which will help her become the queen of two nations in medieval Europe.

Eleanor of Aquitaine has been a very influential person in medieval Europe. Though her name and accomplishments are not universally recognized, they were nevertheless important in shaping Europe into the continent today. She had been born into wealth, and it had never left her side.

Eleanor had been married to King Louis VII of France, which was when she had received her first taste of great powers. However, after several years of debilitating problems, the marriage had obviously come to its end. Eleanor had requested an annulment from the church so that she and Louis VII would still remain related, as fourth cousins. The annulment was granted by the church without opposition from Louis VII.

Her next husband was Henry Plantagenet, heir to the English thrown. They had fallen deeply in love, despite the fact that Eleanor was a full twelve years older than Henry. After only six weeks since the annulment had been granted...
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