Topics: Manufacturing, Case study, Pivot table Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: September 10, 2013
To: kasey Harnish
From: sabrina yusuf
Date: 7/30/13
Re: analysis of T-shirt production error


Kasey Harnish Thank you for hiring me to assist you in

Regard where the problems are concentrated in your T-shirt manufacturing company. In order to get to the bottom of the problem I did three analyses, which are defect by the employee, defect by the machine and defect by batch size. At the end, based of my findings I will give you my recommendation. For this case study I used pivot table to analyze the data to find out what exactly the problem is. I first calculated defect by employee by taking employee, the batch size and number of defeat to see if the problem was simply certain employee is incompetent to perform certain tasks and it looks like the employee number 5555 has more defect than the others. Second, I did defect by batch to see whether batch size is a problem by taking batch size and number defect. It shows that there is a problem with batch size number5000. Finally I did an analysis to see if certain machine is contributing to the problem by looking at machine, batch size and number defects and I found out that machine number 5 has more defect than any of the other machines. In conclusion, after I did all of these analyses I was able to find the problem that is causing the defects. Which are machine number 5, batch size 5000 and employee number 5555. My final recommendation will be to put employee number 5555 on training. Or let her/ him work with employee number 3333 since he/she has the lowest defect; also to do maintenance on machine number 5 and finally. Change the size of batch number 5000. If you fix all these issues I thing you will be better off. Good luck
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