Elders Driving

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Tyler Dow
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Elders Driving
Percentages show that elderly drivers are responsible for 5% of all people injured in traffic crashes, 13% of all vehicle occupants’ fatalities and 18% of all pedestrian fatalities. Cutting down on collisions caused by elders, the NH driving safety rate would rise. When a crash involved an older and younger driver 30% of the time it was the elders fault. Elderly drivers have the highest accident rate per mile driven. Elders have lost their skills due to age, and should not be on the road. The state of NH needs to step up, and put an end to collisions caused by elders. Elderly drivers should have to retake the driver’s test again once they turn 70 years of age.

You may know elderly drivers who you question their driving skills. Of course you want to support the fact that their getting out and doing stuff, but on the other hand you worry about them crashing. Not everybody can maintain their driving skills throughout their life. What can you do to help? You should bring up the subject to the elderly driver you know. But before you bring it up keep in mind that the thought of losing your license is tragic to most old people. They rely on their car a lot to bring them to the places they need to go. Taking away a license makes you feel as if you are trapped, losing choice, and they’re not going to feel as dependent getting their license taken away. In one instance. An elderly man in New London, Connecticut. This man ran over more than two dozen people, two of them were seriously injured and taken to the hospital. The driver was 89 years old, he was heading across train tracks, when he struck a pedestrian, and the car lunged forward. He said he “Confused the gas for the brake.” The Nation can’t have people like this on the road. Drivers like this just aren’t safe for anyone.

Old people just don’t have the reaction time they did when they were younger. When driving, you have to have to have quick...
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