Elderly Drivers

Topics: Ageing, Driving, Driver's license Pages: 3 (415 words) Published: November 27, 2010
Research Exercise #3: Planning Your Research Essay

A.Planning your introductory paragraph.

(1)According to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration by 2011, the very first Baby Boomers will be 65 years old. By 2025, nearly one in five drivers will be 65 or older. Right now there are a estimated 30 million 65 or older licensed drivers. Looking even further ahead, the number of licensed drivers over age 65 is set to double in 2030, to 57 million.


Write a short explanation (a transition) that could guide the reader from your attention-getter to your thesis.

B. Planning your body paragraphs.

Body Paragraph # __1__

Topic: Elders accidents history

Supporting information, facts, examples, quotations:
1. The number of drivers aged 70 or older involved in fatal accidents has declined by 20 percent over the last decade.

2. More than 183,000 older adults were injured as occupants in motor vehicle crashes in 2008. This amounts to 500 older adults being injured in a crash every day.1

3. When a crash involved an older driver and a younger driver, the older driver was 3 times as likely as the younger driver to be the one struck.

Body Paragraph # __2__

Topic: Health amongst older drivers

Supporting information, facts, examples, quotations:
1. In Canada doctors are required to make sure that seniors visual, cognitive and other health problems are up to par.

2. Body, vision, hearing and reaction should be checked and approved by physicians before seniors are able to continue driving.

3. Experts say that a person's reaction time decreases by almost 40% from age 35 to 65.

Body Paragraph # __3__

Topic: Driver testing for seniors

Supporting information, facts, examples, quotations:
1. Though all older driver may not pose safety hazards all licensed seniors 65 or older...
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