Elastic Band

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The elastic band, or rubber band as it is sometimes known, is an item that is generally taken for granted today. Because of their unique elasticity, they have many purposes. The main purpose is for storage but they can also be used for crafting. Elastic energy only lasts for a short period of time but is comparatively strong. Aim

To investigate the amount that a rubber band is stretched when consistently increasing amounts of weights are placed Hypothesis
As more weight is added, the difference in length will become larger Variables
Independent: amount of weight added
Dependent: Difference in length of rubber band
Controlled: same rubber band


MassAttached| Elastic band length (mm)|
(g)| 1| 2| 3|
0| 45| 30| 30|
50| 50| 50| 57.5|
100| 60| 60| 65|
150| 70| 77.5| 80|
200| 87.5| 90| 97.5|
250| 105| 105| 120|

From the graph above, we can see that when mass starts to be added, the rubber band stretches more compared to when the last few weights are added. This may be due to the ‘maximum stretch’ of the rubber band. No rubber band can stretch out infinitely and has a limit. As this rubber band gets closer to this limit, the differences in length gradually becomes smaller and the graph smooths out towards the end. We can think of the maximum stretch value, as a kind of asymptote, a point where the graph never touches but comes close. The line of best line predicts that the differences will get larger, but this is obviously false. Conclusion

My hypothesis turned out to be incorrect. I predicted that the difference in distance would get larger when in reality, it got smaller. As previously mentioned, this was because of the ‘maximum stretch’ factor, which I failed to take into account when making the hypothesis. Evaluation

If we were to do this practical again, we should investigate if the thickness or the circumference of the rubber band has any effect...
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