Elaine of Astolat

Topics: Lancelot, King Arthur, Guinevere, Gawain, Knights of the Round Table, Mordred / Pages: 3 (1071 words) / Published: Apr 23rd, 2014
Elaine of Astolat Elaine was the beautiful daughter of Sir Bernard of Astolat. She was also known as “Elaine the White,” Elaine the Fair,” “Lily Maid of Astolat,” and Lady of Shalott. Her two brothers, Sir Lavaine and Sir Torre, called her “Elaine the Lovable,” and it was the name she liked best of all (“Elaine of Astolat/Lady of Shalott”). Elaine received the name of “Lily Maid of Astolat” from the people who lived around the area because they would see her walk pass their windows in her white frock. They said, “She is tall, graceful, and pure as white lilies” (Driver, “The Maid of Astolat: Elayne Le Blanke”). Elaine and the youngest brother, Lavaine, would chase butterflies, pick wild flowers, and discuss about King Arthur’s knights. They praised the noble knights and their good deeds (Alfred, “Lancelot and Elaine”). King Arthur would host tournaments and he would reward a piece of a large diamond to the knight that fought fearlessly at the tournament (Driver, “The Maid of Astolat: Elayne Le Blanke”). The tournament was held in Camelot that year, so Elaine and Lavaine were hopeful to see knights pass through Astolat (“Elaine of Astolat/Lady of Shalott”). The majority of the knights believed that there was no reason to fight in the tournament because Sir Lancelot was the best knight in Arthur’s court. Queen Guinevere overheard the knights, and she suggested that Sir Lancelot wear a disguise (“Sir Lancelot and Elaine”). When the time of the tournament came, Sir Lancelot rode to Camelot, but he lost his way. He, then, stumbled across old castle grounds in Astolat. Sir Bernard welcomed Lancelot into the castle (“Sir Lancelot and Elaine”). Lancelot stayed at Astolat until the evening, and he retold many tales of King Arthur’s court. Elaine began to fall in love with the noble knight. In the evening, Sir Lancelot told Sir Bernard about how he was trying to fight in the tournament in a disguise. He asked if he could borrow another shield and leave his shield in the

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