Topics: Accountancy, Investment, Million Pages: 3 (649 words) Published: February 18, 2013
A Case Analysis

Submitted by: Loren L. Partosa
Ninna Beatrice S. Flores
Marc Victor M. Manatad
John Bryan J. Infantado
Ma. Camille Victoria J. Corpus

I. Point of View:
Mr. Reynaldo Cruz, the executive director of University Foundation Inc. is the point of view for this case analysis. As the executive director of the company, he has the power and authority to choose among the 11 administrative staff should he fire and retain in the company to handle the revised function of the UFI. II. Problem Statement:

Who among the employees will be retained to the company and can handle effectively the combined jobs offered to them? III. Analysis:
* UFI has been performing collections and disbursement functions for the different units in the University like collecting I.D fees and foods sales. * UFI is charging the University Management a fee of 5%to 10% of the total collection. * A recent BIR circulation requires all foundations to pay taxes on income earned including management fees. * At present, UFU manages approximately Ᵽ130 million of University funds. * As investment manager, it charges 10% for the 1st Ᵽ1 million income earned by the fund and 5% for amounts earned in excess of Ᵽ1 million. * The funds are invested in treasury bills, commercial papers and blue chips stock. * The foundation follows-up and collect monthly remittances from donor of unendow professorial chairs. * 6 full-time and 2 part-time employees will have to be fired and only four will remain including the Chief Accountant, Susan Santos.



V. List of Alternatives

1st Alternative
Name| Position| Salary Range|
Susan Santos| Chief Accountant| ( 5,500-6,000)|
Soledad Trias| Assistant to the Investment...
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