ELA Unit 3 Test Part 2

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Name: Jozlyne Garza
Graded Assignment
Unit Test, Part 2: Insights into Character
Answer the questions below in complete sentences. Use examples from the selections to support your answers. When you are finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit. (20 points)

1. What happens to the characters Dade and Julian at the end of their respective stories? How are their situations similar? Answer:
In both stories, both Dade and Julian feel alone, but Julian is really alone in a way. Dade feels alone in the world because he feels as if he won’t ever understand anyone around him and vice versa. Julian feels alone because his mom died right in front of him and now he doesn’t have one. They’re both alone, but in different ways.

(20 points)
2. In his final lecture to his mother, Julian says: “You needn’t act as if the world had come to an end…because it hasn’t. From now on you’ve got to live in a new world and face a few realities for a change.” This statement is ironic because it applies to Julian more than to his mother. How does this quotation apply to Julian at the end of the story? Answer:

Julian seems to be so disrespectful and childish, even to his own mother. She even told him to live everyday like it was his last. The quote applies to him at the end of the story because his mom died so unexpectedly and obviously his life is gonna change because she’s gone. He’s alone without her. “From now on you’ve got to live in a new world and face a few realities for a change.” applies to him now.

(25 points)
3. All of the selections in this unit address the concept of self-knowledge in some way. Pick two of the selections and explain how they explore the ways in which characters either develop self-knowledge or their knowledge of themselves changes. Answer:

In Star Food, I don’t think Dade’s knowledge of himself changes but not necessarily for the better or worse though. I think he changes what he thinks...
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