El Sokary
Topics: Knowledge, Activism, Cognition, Idea / Pages: 2 (352 words) / Published: Apr 10th, 2013

Reflection paper 1
On the 20th of March, 2013, Hossam elsokkary, former head of BBC Arabic service, lectured at the American university in Cairo. El sokkary is well known for being a major political activist and blogger, as well as becoming a figure in the Egyptian media sector. Unlike what everyone had in mind about the lecture, El Sokkary talked more about media in general and less about politics.
El Sokkary talked about the fundamentals of news and its basics. He stated that news content are never created by the news teams as some might think, but rather captured and formatted. They catch or capture footage for example and format it in a way they would see fit, which would enable the information recipient to conceptualize it in an efficient manner, thus allowing the receiver to understand as much as possible in the easiest and fastest means. He talked about how the context the news is presented in is the most crucial and effective element that decides how it will be understood. Sometimes the news even flows to us without the context we need to understand it, or even to understand why we're getting it. El sokkary also talked about Multi-platform Journalism, which is journalism that operates across several types of media, Such as print, television, radio and internet.
El Sokkary started to talk about each platform and how long did it take for each to reach a certain amount of users. They all reached 50 million users, the radio in 38 years, the TV in 13 years and the internet in 4 years. El sokkary then stated that facebook as an emerging platform, was able to reach 50 million users in only 9 months, and 200 in a year. He was fascinated by the idea of having a platform within a platform such a facebook. He stated that it tapped into a need people had, a need for information and connectivity.
El Sokkary’s lecture at the American university in cairo was an intriguing yet a simple one. He was able to humor the audience, but with a limited

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