El Presidente

Topics: Philippines, President of the Philippines, Emilio Aguinaldo Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Roy Lorenzo Jimenez
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In the movie, Aguinaldo was depicted as a man destined for great things, as seen in the opening part of the movie when the old lady told him of her prophecy regarding Aguinaldo’s successful future. A man bestowed with great leadership, he lead the Filipino army to victory over the Spanish soldiers in Cavite. This victory resulted to Andres Bonifacio coming to Cavite in order to aid the army in the ongoing war and moreover, it lead to the people’s trust to cast their vote and make Emilio Aguinaldo the 1st President of the Philippine Republic. He is like everyone, human, capable of strong emotions like breaking down during his brother’s death, great love when loving his wives and lastly, is very kind-hearted when helping the poor. And like any human, it is in our nature to be prone to wrong decisions and faults. He made wrong decisions in his tenure, from leaving his troops in the midst of war resulting in his brother’s death to the hiring of Antonio Luna, a brash soldier that was extremely arrogant and hungry for power, pushes his weight around to get what he wants. His brash arrogance eventually led to his assassination that made the cabinet happy. These normal human actions are seen parallel as to how we are as a nation. Although we are helpful to the poor, we simply cannot help ourselves as a nation to rise up. The root cause of this is our nation’s corrupt and poor decision making. Good examples of these are Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s famous 1 million peso dinner and the lack of investment in amphibians leading to typhoon Ondoy devouring the Metro without any survival necessities. In line with this, prior to Bonifacio’s execution, Aguinaldo somehow felt threatened towards Bonifacio when discovering him plotting in secret to overthrown him. Thus our Filipino mentality known as the “crab mentality” wherein we regard the world as a If-I-Can’t-have-it-neither-can-you world, wherein people drag you down for them to get up is...
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