El Lissitzky

Topics: Constructivism, Modernism, History of painting Pages: 3 (692 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Molly Graebner
Graphic Design: Project 2
Perrin Stamatis
El Lissitzky

El Lissitzky was born in Russia in 1890. Lissitzky was an inspiration to many using various forms of design. His initial interest in abstract paintings lead him to learn about photography, typography, book design, architecture, and urban planning. He became credible through his studies at Darmstad where he got his diploma in architecture. His interest in architectural studies brought him to Germany where he studied until the outbreak of World War 1, which brought him back to Russia. Lissitzky went on to use that knowledge to teach architecture and graphics as a professor Vitebsk Popular Art School. Through this foundation of knowledge he established for himself, his name became credible, and that knowledge furthered his career in design. The same year he began teaching he completed his first Proun, what he called his series of abstract paintings. Proun was his way of declaring the “station where one changes from painting to architecture.” In other words they showed abstract geometric shapes incorporating his abstract paintings and architecture into one design. This was an important time in his life and career, and through Proun he was able to conduct his versitality and challenge to communicate both forms of art in one. The pieces can be seen as modern abstract imagery, as well as industrial modern architecture- two areas of interest Lissitzky excelled at. Lissitzky was one of the first artists to use abstract art in Russia, which is called Suprematism. This was also an important influence on Constructivism.

Lissitzky spent most of his time devoting his life to teaching. As if that wasn’t enough, a year later he became a member of Inkhuk (Institute for Artistic Culture) in Moscow where he designed his book, Pro dva kvadrata. After completion of his book he joined the Constructivist group, which exhibited at a building in Berlin Erste russiche kunstausstellung designed...

Bibliography: 1. Guggenheim, Collection Online: El Lissitzky, 2013
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