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Topics: Separation of powers, Law, Judiciary Pages: 4 (1237 words) Published: August 26, 2013
What is the Law in Malaysia? Law is a system, law can controls all the thing, law is a rules, law can prevents the people bad behaviour, all the people must comply with the law, cannot violate the law. Law also can protects benefits of Malaysians. Therefore Malaysians live in a country which has limitation of law. Malaysia has Separation of Power (SOP) and Civil Society. What is Separation of Power? Separation of power can be divided into legislative, executive and judiciary. These three system of vesting in separate branches by government. These three branches should be distinct from each other. Therefore, no one can gains abuse of power and absolute power, this can also balances the power of each other. Legislative branch included House of Lords and House of Commons. Executive Branches includes cabinet. Judiciary branch includes the Supreme Court, judge, Judge Officers and other judicial officials. Next, what is Civil Society? Civil Society is a guild, it is a composition by non-government social organizations, it is not part of the government, also not belongs to part of a profitable private economy. Every citizen has civil rights, they can accordance with the principles of the rule of law conduct strike, of speech, press, assembly, of procession and of demonstration, these civil rights are not a particular political party interference, such a society is called civil society. Civil Society generally included the different people, organization and places, as well as a variety of degrees of normality, autonomy and power structure. Not only that, any civil organizations, company, political party and government, is also a citizen, but they are corporative citizens, they do not go beyond any one individual citizen, all their rights from the legal transfer of the rights of individual citizens, this society call Civil Society. Civil Society often works in charitable organizations, NGO, community organizations, women's organizations, religious groups, professional...
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