El Dia De Los Muertos: The Day of the Dead Celebrations

Pages: 2 (873 words) Published: October 29, 2014

El Día de los Muertos or more commonly known as the Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and many other Spanish speaking countries. The multi-day holiday focuses on the ones who have passed away and to remember family members, friends and relatives. The Holiday starts on October 31st but the Day of the Dead starts on November 1st. There are still some questions left to really analyze this holiday. How did the Holiday become the way it is? Why is the holiday popularized in Mexico rather than countries? What is Día de los muertos? Where do people go to celebrate this day and what other holidays and what do they do? The Origins of this day (Day of the Dead) aren’t exact, but are approximated from pre-Columbian times. The tradition of celebrating the dead had been observed for over 3000 years. The ritual of death was celebrated through skulls, and in pre-Columbian time’s enemy tribes skulls were used to act as a symbol for death and second life, a lot like reincarnation. The date became recorded when the Day of the dead was celebrated in the Aztec calendar, and lasted for a month. The old form of the Day of the dead revolved around Mictecaíhuatl, Goddess of Dead and the Underworld or Mictlán in the Aztec world. The Goddess was not evil or demon like, instead she was in charge of taking care of the souls and providing them with comfort. Because of the thought of comfort after death people became to accept it and that’s why it became known. The Day of the dead festival is a very colorful and traditional festival. Every Spanish speaking country has different ways of organizing their festivals. Mexico’s festival has the most sophisticated and spectacular festivals from all the other Spanish speaking countries. Mexico’s Festival of the dead is very spectacular, and oddly very traditional. The festival includes massive stands that include artwork and a quantity of decorative and extremely colorful skulls. Throughout the whole festival, the theme of...

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