El Cid

Topics: El Cid, Moors, History of Spain Pages: 4 (1259 words) Published: April 3, 2014
The movie El Cid is the story of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar of Spain. The story takes place 1,080 years after the coming of Christ between the Christians and Moors in Spain.

African Emir Ben Yusuf is a Moor, who believed that the Prophet Allah had commanded them to rule the world. He wanted all the doctors to invent poisons for their arrows and scientists to invent new war machines to destroy the Christians.

Rodrigo on his journey to his wedding day to Chimene his wife to be, encounters a village that had been burned down by Yusuf’s soldiers. Rodrigo helps stop further killing and imprisons the Moor soldiers.

Rodrigo upon returning to Vivar is told that he must turn the prisoners over to King Ferdinand for execution, but he refuses and instead has the Moors promise to never invade King Ferdinand’s land. They tell Rodrigo they have a name among their people for a warrior who is just and has courage to be merciful it is El Cid. They promise to leave and only befriend those of this land. Upon their release soldier Don Garcia tells King Ferdinand that Rodrigo set free the Moors and should be held for treason. Rodrigo believes that if we are all Christian and the Moors are Christian as well then why are we killing each other.

Count Gormaz is Chimene’s father tells Don Diego, Rodrigos father that his son is a traitor in front of King Ferndinand. Rodrigo challenges Count Gormaz in a sword fight for shaming his father and their name. Rodrigo kills the count and as he dies tells Chimene to “avenge my death”, Chimene vows to.

The city Calahorra belongs to King Aragon but King Ferdinad is trying to lay claim to it. Since Rodrigo killed the Champion Sire Count Gormaz he asked to take his place in the battle against Calahorra, even though he is inexperienced but since he is accused of treason this can be his judgment. If he wins, he is exonerated, if he loses then he is guilty. He wins and the city of Calahorra belongs to King Ferdinand.

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