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Q.1Many say that the material superiority of Montgomery was the prime factor in defeating Rommel during the battle of El-Alamein. Do you agree? Justify your ans. Highlt the comparative log statement of Rommel and Montgomery during the battle of El-Alamein.


1.The battle of El-Alamein was fought between the Allied and Axis forces in the North African desert. It was a fight mainly between the 8th Army ; under Gen Montgomery and the Panzer Army Africa under FM Rommel. The battle begun on 23rd Oct and cont upto 4th Nov ‘42. This was one of the mst imp btl of North Africa where the allied achieved their first decisive victory against the axis.

Influence of Mat Superiority on the Btl

2.Air Tac
a.From the very beginning allied air force cont to attk on axis tps, air fds, convoy and L of C. b.In Sep 42, 30% of axis shipping sup were sunken and in Oct 42, 40% were destroyed. c.During this btl sometimes allied carr out 800 B and 2500 FGA sorties in a single day attk. d.In four autumn months 2,00,000 tons axis shipping sup were destroyed.

3.Armr Tac
a.Superior Grant and Sherman tks were used with unltd sup of ammo. b.Lt tks were sent out in adv and hy tk mov in the rear.
c.Lt tks were used to draw the fire from en tks. AA and Atk guns and thereby forcing the en to give out its loc. As soon as their locs were exposed, hy tks were used to destroy them imm. d.Ammo were cont fed fwd by the armd vehs.

4.Arty Tac
a. Allied conc LR arty guns with unltd sup of ammo.
b.Montgomery; an arty offr, believed in hy conc; for which he conc 300 to 400 guns instead of bty conc. c.On 24 Oct 42 alone, about 1,000 guns sp the attk.
d.Initially it helped to gain momentum for the aslt tps through the mine fds.

5.Inf Tac
a.When the axis def had been shattered by arty, tks and air interdiction, the British inf cont with ni attk. b.The British sprs cleared Axis mine fd under cover of smk and darkness. c.Inf aslt under cover of arty fire through the cleared lanes. d.There was also great tk - inf coop, where tks were ahead and fol by inf with great morale and confd. 6.Cover Plan

a.Allied mat superiority also allowed them to exec an elaborate cover plan which deceived the en about their time and dir of main thrust. b.Allied intension of taking offn was not revealed to en much earlier.

Allied Mat Superiority

7.Log state of both sides is well understood from the table below: Ser
Ftg Tps
12 x Divs ; comprising
2,30,000 tps.
12 x Divs ; comprising 27,000 German and 53,000 Italian tps
Tks and its rft
1440 tk; out of which 1229 were ready for act. In prolong btl thousands of tk rft was poss from base wksp in Egypt. 260 German tks out of which 20 were under repair and 30 were lt Panzer-II type. 280 Italian tk ; all were obsolete type. Rft was not poss. 3.

Atk Guns
Fd and Med Guns
908; in which Med guns had longer rg.
475; in which Med guns had shorter rg.
Arty Ammo
Plenty of arty ammo was aval
Acute shortage of arty ammo further reduced the eff of axis guns 6.
96 Op sqns, out of this 1200 svc ac ready for op
350 svc ac to sp axis attk
Log Sp
Abundance of log sp aval
As on 19th Oct they had 9 days ammo, 11 days POL and very poor condition in other log sup. Actual reqr was 8 daily issues of ammo, 2000 miles per veh fuel and sup for 30 days


8.Desert is the paradise for tactician but a hell to the Q staff. Reflection of the btl of El-Alamein leaves ample scope to formulate some guiding principles in desert warfare. However things are changing very fast. New conv armt will dictate to use new rule in future to achieve surprise and success.

Q.2Narrate the mat superiority of Montgomery over Rommel in the Battle of El Alamein. What was its impact on the battle with ref to Armr, Arty and Inf tac?


1.The battle of El-Alamein was fought between the Allied and Axis forces in the North African desert....
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