Ekomate System

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Ekomate system was founded in 1996 by Tom Thomas, their specialties is offshore Microsoft NET Software Development & IT Support and Uses the offshore development model to help its clients. Ekomate system are qualified professional teams use Microsoft.NET technologies, and a suite of specialist and highly efficient development tools, to build the application that client need on the client budget. Ekomate system maintaining international quality at reasonable cost. This company also follows ISO compliant processes for software development and their, Quality Management System is fully compliant and certified to ISO 9001:2000 by Bureau Veritas

One of the issues founded in this case study that happen in Ekomate system in India is the network relationship. They are lack of same level network relationship as compared to US; Thomas decided to look for useful connection to the UK on his doorstep as it were. Beside that the other issue found in this case study is the communication barriers that happen between the worker and also the client. The communications barriers are happen because of the different language and the employee in Ekomate system are not very fluent in English. Other than, Ekomate are began to explore European market but there’s has a issue with the language barriers between the Italy and ekomate and this give a challenge to the company. Deliver customer need its important and this is also one of the issue in Ekomate which is they mismatch between the Scottish client expectation with their understanding this is shows that they cant full fill what the client expectation or needs and the last issue in this case study is the lack of technology diversify in the Ekomate system.

SWOT Analysis:
The Strengths that can be found in this case study is the powerful strategy that has be done by Thomas for Ekomate by trying to expand their business international and to expand the business international they need to...
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