Ek Airlines Servie Process Analysis

Topics: Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates, World's busiest airports by passenger traffic Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: February 10, 2012
Here Emirates go through the process that a passenger goes through right from check-in to de-boarding the flight. To narrow down the analysis, they cover mainly check in, lounge facilities and In-flight services. Their major limitations were the inability to physically observe the process, their analysis and reporting has been dependent purely on second person testimonials. Exclusive First Class Check in at Dubai International Airport Reservations are made using a Central Reservation System exclusive to Emirates called MARS. It combines the features of the major CRS but is exclusive to Emirates. When a passenger decides to check-in there are a number of options available especially to First Class passengers. First class is given the privilege of pre-tele check-in, which allows them to check-in over the telephone prior to the flight. This feature can be taken advantage of if a passenger is late for his/her flight for example. It is user-friendly and involves calling in for his/her boarding card prior to arriving at the check-in counter at the airport. It can be used for priority check-in, advance check-in and regular. In order to save time, which is precious to frequent travelers, 45% of these passengers have an E-gate card for expedited immigration. For First class passengers checking in from Dubai, as well as Gold and Silver members of Skywards, Emirates offers a unique check-in 'lounge'. The light and spacious new lounge has been designed to make sure your passage through the airport is as smooth and hassle-free as possible, with a modern design that offers the ultimate in comfort and luxury. From the moment the passenger arrives at the new check-in area in Dubai, Emirates guarantees the difference. Passengers will be greeted at the door by the concierge who will help the passengers to check-in at one of 24 check-in counters, including eight express check-in counters for customers with hand baggage only, whilst the porters look after their luggage. Chauffer...
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