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TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Cover Page PAGEREF _Toc371453710 \h 1Chapter 1 – Welcome to QUANTUM! PAGEREF _Toc371453711 \h 3Chapter 2 – Star Struck PAGEREF _Toc371453712 \h 4Chapter 3 – Is This Ride Working? PAGEREF _Toc371453713 \h 6Chapter 4 – How Fast Can You Go? PAGEREF _Toc371453714 \h 7Chapter 5 – Huh? Which Entrance Did I Go Through… PAGEREF _Toc371453715 \h 10References PAGEREF _Toc371453716 \h 12

Chapter 1 – Welcome to QUANTUM!
“Hello! I’m Alice, Welcome to ‘QUANTUM: QUaint And Novel Theme park of Universal Magnitude’ Ever wondered about the Strange Truth of our universe? Be astounded by the Charming Beauty that our universe holds. You’ve come Down to the right place. The rides here will definitely get your excitement levels UP, UP UP!! Atlases of the park can be found at the Totem pole right ahead.” boomed the wide-screen television as Albert, Arthur and Isaac entered the theme park. “Let’s get some food first,” Arthur grunted as he walked to the snacks stand, “Lemon Honey Corn and Cup of Enormous Roasted Nachos please” “One LHC and CERN coming up!” announced the attendant as she disappeared behind the counter. “Here you go!” the attendant handed them 3 packets of food. “Huh? Why is there an additional packet? I didn’t order that…” Arthur asked. “Oh, it’s part of our RABI - Really Amazingly Big Impressive promotion, you get a packet of MUONs! Mouth-watering Unsalted Organic Nuts with each purchase. Enjoy!” the attendant bellowed. “Thanks!” acknowledged Arthur as he rejoined his friends to they explore the park.

Chapter 2 – Star Struck“Let’s try that!” Arthur shouted excitedly, as they passed a giant transparent tank with a big sign hanging outside which read ‘Wharf Ball – Shrink yourself’. As they approached the tank, they chanced upon a sign, ‘This machine is programmed such that 50kg = 1 Solar Mass, there is a weight limit of 70kg. Participants weighing more than 70kg are not allowed to take the Wharf Ball. *Consequences include: self-destruction - due to explosion or radiation. Permanent loss of weight and size may result.’ “Oh no! I’m over the weight limit. Can I just go? I don’t believe I will explode!” exclaimed Arthur. “Better to be safe than sorry, why not you rest here while both of us try out about this peculiar wharf ball?” Albert said trying to calm Arthur. Disappointed and furious, Arthur reluctantly sat under a parasol while Albert and Isaac joined the queue. Soon, it was Albert’s turn for the wharf ball simulator ride. “Hi, I am Wheeler, welcome to Wharf Ball! Please wear this protective suit as it can get quite hot in the simulator! Else you might end up with no hair like me,” Wheeler joked as he rubbed his bald head. Albert’s eyes were glued to Wheeler’s shiny, gleaming head as he wore his protective suit, thinking to himself, ‘Wow, I better ensure I’m suited up properly...’ He was led into a giant transparent ball where he was told to climb inside. Wheeler zipped it up and sent him into the simulator. The wharf ball was pushed into a pitch black tunnel, and the next thing Albert knew was that he was suspended in mid-air in the Wharf Ball. “I am Sky-gliding in a wharf ball!” Albert exclaimed in excitement as he stretched out his arms and legs. In front of him were a few wharf balls as well, and all of them seemed to follow a certain pathway. The temperature in the wharf ball gradually rose, and Albert was sweating. Before Albert knew it, he was shrinking in size while the inner surface seems move further away from him; the wharf ball was expanding while he was shrinking. His wharf ball slowly glided towards a group of other wharf balls while he continued to shrink with a burning sensation. “Woo-hoo, this is fun although it is getting hot. Thankfully I wore the protective suit. I wonder if my hair is still there,” Albert thought to himself as he immersed himself in the flight. The temperature within started to lower while the surface of the wharf ball continued to expand,...

References: ssociate Prof Phil Chan Aik Hui (AY13/14-Semester 1). PC1325/GEK1508 Lecture Notes
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Haunted Tunnel picture retrieved from
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