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Nowhere in the world has the issue of tobacco been so much debated as in our society. Nowadays, tobacco is more harmful than drug to people႒s health, therefore many people think that smoking is legal that is a direct and primary reason to induce this kind of problem. The above point is certainly true; this essay will outline three reasons.

The main reason is that tobacco is a silent killer to smokers. Tobacco is known to be the probable cause of some 25 different diseases, and for some, such as lung cancer, bronchitis and emphysema, it is the main cause. According to a WHO report four million people die yearly from tobacco-relate d diseases, that is one death every eight seconds. Tobacco is significantly becoming a greater cause of death and disability than any other single cause.

Another reason is that more and more young people are under 18 years old who smoke cigarette have been blinded by the deceit of tobacconists. Tobacco among adolescents remains stubbornly persistent. Smoking among adolescents rose in the 1990s in several developed countriesꎬ such as China,Vietnam and Thailand . While new markets are being opened by the tobacco industry actions, old markets have not been closed. Tobacco is a global threat.

Last but not the least reason is the increase in cigarette smuggling. Because of tobacco smuggling, the legal retailing and distribution systems are badly affected, and faced with increased lawlessness and heavy tax losses. This be havior severely affects the economy.

In conclusion, the tobacco should be considered illegal. Perhaps a pack of cigarettes is less harmful than another drug, but tobacco is actually the biggest killer of all the drugs.

Advertisements of tobacco and those of ႓smoking is harmful႔are often seen together. But there has been an on-going argument about whether or not tobacco should be forbidden and made illegal. I have always believed that smoking should be illegal for the following reasons.

First, smoking does great harm to human health and causes many diseases. It is reported that more than 70% of lung cancer sufferers are smokers, and the average life-span of smokers is seven years less than that of non- smokers. Moreover, it hurts not only smokers, but also the ones around the smokers. Many researchers claim that breathing ႓second-hand smoke႔ may be even more harmful than smoking.

Second, many social problems and disasters can be attributed to smoking. For instance, many wives cannot bear their husbands႒ smoking all the time, which causes many quarrels, or even divorces. Furthermore, the biggest fire disaster in China, the Daxinganling fire disaster, was caused by a burning cigarette end, and the cost of the resulting loss was unimaginable. Last, smoking tobaccos is a main source of air pollution.A magazine said that for every cigarette smoked each day,a whole tree is needed to clean the air. In other words, smoking one less cigar every day equals planting a tree. It is a brilliant contribution to the earth we are living on.

In a word, all the above demonstrate that smoking harms yourselves as well as your neighbors, pollutes the air we ourselves are breathing, and even agitates the social peace. So, in my opinion, tobacco should be strictly forbidden, and smoking should be made illegal.

there has long been controversy over the legality and apparent acceptance of tobacco in society .some hold that cigarettes and other tobacco containing products should be banned, that is, treated as narcotics.personally,i agree with this point of view for the following reasons:

although cigarettes do not offer as intense an effect as drugs like heroin and cocaine,they rank higher in the level of dependence it creates in the user.thousands of smokers try to rid themselves of cigarettes but cannot,because of the physiological dependence they developed,chiefly imputable to its chemical...
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