Eight Fold Path

Topics: Noble Eightfold Path, Gautama Buddha, Buddhism, Four Noble Truths, Dukkha / Pages: 7 (1615 words) / Published: Oct 21st, 2010
The Eightfold Path is essentially a step by step explanation to achieving Nirvana. Buddhists believe that as long as you have wants and desires for more than you need, eventually it will accumulate bad karma. The way bad karma works its way out is by rebirth. The process of being reborn can happen over and over again, never letting the soul rest. Buddhists believe the way to break free from this cycle of rebirth was to reach a place of total detachment. If one could rid themselves of feelings of desire, passion, and financial security they could then rid themselves of the bad karma opening up the path to Nirvana.
The Four Noble Truths are the stepping stones to the Eightfold Path. The first one is, Life mean Suffering. Essentially it states that if you are going to live and experience life, you will inevitably suffer some sort of physical or emotional pain to varying degrees. The second states, “The Origin of Suffering is Attachment.” To sum this up, would be to say that we suffer because we become attached to things are transient in nature. Just about everything to Buddhists can be considered to be transient. The sooner one realizes that they are not a constant continuing self, the sooner they will reach Nirvana. The Third Noble truth states, “The Cessation of Suffering is Attainable,” which explains that the suffering can come to an end. It can and will come to an end if we remove any and all forms of attachment. The Fourth Noble Truth, “The Path to the Cessation of Suffering” which lays the beginning of the Eightfold Path. The last truth describes a way of living that isn’t excessively indulgent or obsessively deprived. The Eightfold Path was developed by Siddhartha Gautama. It’s an outline that is considered to be a functional way to attain the goal of releasing oneself from attachments and untruths. The functionalism of eight steps is the most important aspect, it’s only through consistent application of the steps that one can attain a higher level

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