Eight Elements of Thought and Reasoning

Topics: Reasoning, Thought, Cognition Pages: 4 (482 words) Published: November 25, 2014

Eight Elements of Thought and Reasoning
Felles Grant
Grantham University
29 January 2014
Eight Elements of Thought and Reasoning

Description: The Target category is made up of purpose and interpretation due to the fact that with these two thought processes you are trying to get to a destination or conclusion all while staying on target to reach your goal. Purpose is the process by which we as people strive toward an aim or objective, while formulating resolutions or ideas along the way. Interpretation is how we see different events of life with our own eyes or our minds eye, then we draw our own conclusions about what we have witnessed. Purpose and interpretation were put into the Target category because they both deal with trying to reach a certain aim or inference to finalize the thought process of a particular event.

Description: The category of Opinion deals with ones point of view and assumptions. Our opinions are judgments that most of the time are not fact based the same as our perspectives and presuppositions. Point of view is simply a mental opinion or attitude from which we view things in relation to what is being said. Assumptions are things taken for granted or claimed and accepted as truths without evidence, a presupposition. Assumptions and point of view are placed into the new category of Opinion because they are not always related to fact and they go hand in hand. When you think about the two you can’t have one without the other, our assumptions help us to mold our points of view which is nothing more than an opinion.

Description: Knowledge is a category that is centered on the data, facts, and principles that we have acquired through our experiences. Information is knowledge, some we get from studies and some we get from experience and in situations where we have gathered information. Concepts are our ideas that we come up with from our observations and theories. Information and concepts were placed in the...
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