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Topics: Stereotype, Advertising, Gender Pages: 10 (3566 words) Published: August 23, 2013

The focus on: Defining stereotypes; look at common racial stereotypes in advertisements (print or television advertisements); examine how racial stereotypes influence the perception of those watching these advertisements; and, the justification advertisers give to support the continued use of stereotypes. The essay will conclude that certain types of advertisements do perpetuate racialstereotypes.

What are stereotypes?
According to Vincent Parillo a stereotype is “an oversimplified generalization by which we attribute certain traits or characteristics to an entire group without regard to individual differences. Sometimes stereotypes can be positive – for example that African Americans are good athletes and Asian Americans are good mathematicians…however, stereotypes distort reality…and deny individuals the right to be judged and treated on the basis of their own personal merit” Racial stereotypes is a general representation of a given race/ethnic group, which comprises of exaggerated mental pictures that persist in a given racial group (Dominique p. 38). Different communities have different and unique characteristics, which gives a sense of ownership and identity towards their culture.  Some of these stereotypes may be expressed as a sense of humor, which may be irritating to another race. Stereotypes have greatly affected different cultures in the aspect of attitude towards some races, marriages, political setup, and workplaces. Despite all the efforts aimed at reducing stereotypes, they are still very influential and racially dividing our society due to effect of culture and media. Glocal Image of racial stereotypes in Advertisement Media:

Racial stereotypes in media tend to segregate different ethnicities by special characteristics, which define them (Powell p.89). Africans, Americans, Asians, Indians, and many other racial units are taken with a lot of misconception by the society which the media expounds greatly thus producing great effects of stereotypes. News, movies, newspapers, and magazines focus so much on the peculiar behaviors of different ethnicities to impress the audience.  Accent, skin color, and cultural behaviors are the main aspects that define the origin and background of a given character. With the emphasis that the media exhibit on the same, it hinders the audience from detailed knowledge of that given ethnic group. This encourages them to overlook meaningful attributes to their characters and every individual in that race. the notion was that blacks were unproductive unless whipped or being under the supervision. In combination with other stereotypes, it has resulted in the blacks being unjust and cruel in the American institutions. This stereotype persisted after the slave trade and spread through literature and ancient movies. Nevertheless, the notion of a lazy man with a soul, which came along in 1940s, later curbed it. The political culture in America was slowly and painfully transformed by ushering of new civil rights. Racial stereotypes have also contributed to a great change in the economic culture of the civilized and uncivilized races. The civil rights movement’s simultaneous occurrence and the fight against poverty geared the poverty reduction for African-Americans and their fight for equality (Powell p.90). Nevertheless, discussions of policy work in the press and poverty arenas sometimes lead to false conclusions that poverty is a racial problem. The modern use of language such as black or Hispanic has also raised stereotypes and employed code words that let the audience recognize the group referred to without saying so. Literature Review:

As a society, people play into the looks, culture, and beliefs of a person and within minutes people make an assumption of who they are. Society takes one look at a person and based on their race, instantly draw a conclusion upon them without even asking them their name. Stereotyping has...
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