eHarmony's Business Model

Topics: Online dating service, EHarmony, Dating Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: June 5, 2010
eHarmony’s strategy is based on targeting individuals who want to get married. It offers a detailed relationship questionnaire, a patented matching system and a guided communication system. The rest of the industry does not have such an extensive questionnaire leading to matching like-minded people with an intention of a serious relationship. The most important part of eHarmony’s business model is based on offering a very integrated system that includes a detailed Personality Profile, the results of which were entered into the system that had a matching algorithm; resulting in either Guided Communication or closing the match. The most important differentiator of eHarmony from the other personals web-sites was that the completion of the questionnaire was required for a person to become an eHarmony customer. However, completion of the questionnaire did not automatically guarantee access to the services eHarmony provided. The company could decline and often did decline membership if the applicant was already married, underaged, or had been divorced more than three times. This was very different from its competitors who often did not; or due to the lack of such a sophisticated and well-prepared questionnaire, could not check and verify the truth of the information provided by their customers. 1- The most important problem that online personals encountered was the stigma associated with using them. It was perceived that only the desperate would use these online personals web-sites; in addition to the common use of the internet for quick hookups and short relationships. Although this has changed due to the change in attitudes towards online dating as more people and more people started to know someone who had met their spouse online; there are still difficulties associated with verifying the truth of customer’s claims about their relationship status and physical and personality characteristics. 2- When it was first established eHarmony’s most important and most...
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