Egyptians and Clemens

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The King Gives a Show I pg. 75
The king was dining with many guests at the palace. Salvius and Quintus were reclining near the king. Britanni was praising the food, Romans the wine. All the guests were giving things to the king.

Suddenly Beli. entered late.
"Look! It is our shipwrecked sailor enters," shouted Dum." Now Surely you have not lost the other ship?"
The others mocked Bel. and applauded Dum. Beli. however responded nothing to Dum., but sat down in silence.
The king announced his show to the guests. At once the dwarves entered with the dancing girls and pleased the guests. Then when the king gave them a sign all left. Salvius, whom the dwarves did not please, shouted,

"This dinner is good. Never have I eaten better dinner, but the bear who dances, I want to see. That bear pleases me much more than dancing girls and dwarves. II pg. 76
The king gave a sign to the slave. The slave who was expecting a sign, at once entered with the bear and showed him to the guests.
Beli., as soon as he saw this, got up and preceded to the middle of the dinning room.
"My Dum.," he shouted. "It is easy for you to make jokes. But you are not able to handle the bear! I am not afraid. I, whom you are mocking dare to handle the bear."
All were watching Bel. astonished. Bel, who now sent away the German slave, led the bear to Dum.
"Surely you also want to handle the bear?" he asked insolently. " Surely you want to give our guests a show."
Dum. at once rose fearlessly and mocked Bel.
"It is easy for me to overpower the bear. You, however little man, are not able to over power the bear."
Then all, who before they were afraid, roared very much with laughter. Bel. who heard the laughter, punched the bear in the rage and pushed it to Dum. Suddenly the savage bear turned around, and struck Bel. fiercely. Then the terrified chieftains raised a loud noise and hurried as quickly as possible out of the door. They even were fighting among themselves, because they did not want to exit. The bear which was terrified by this sound, was running to the couch, where the king was sitting.

The king however, because he was lame, was not able to flee. Dum. threw himself onto the bear in vain. Sal. stood still. But Quintus took the spear which the slave was holding. He quickly threw the spear and pierced the savage beast. It fell dead. Questions

entered with the bear and showed it to the guests
bear; brought it in
mocking and handling the bear
handleing the bear and overcomming Bel.
punched the bear and threw it to the dum.
attacked Bel. and headed for the king
fought with themselves and ran towards the door.
trying to get to the door
too much noise
he was lame
Dum. threw himself at the bear. Sal. motionless. Quin. stabbed the bear Dum. brave. Sal. chicken. Quin awesome.
Tumultus II pg. 94-95
And so we hurried to the shop of Clemens but at the cross roads, we were blocked by many Egyptians. In the cloud was an old Egyptians man who was cursing the Greeks and Romans. All were listening intently to him. When I saw this, I was worried. The Egyptian Boy who felt my worry, lead me to a small house near by. "master, in this house lives the crafts and, who knows Bar. Well. It is necessary to enter the house and avoid the danger. A craftsman was looking through the window by chance of the house. When he asked the boy, he took us into his house gladly. After we entered the house, I whispered,

"Who is this craftsman?"
"It is Dig, a Greek craftsman" responded the boy
When I heard this, I was fearing more. Now the Greek man was in the house; outside the small house's door the Egyptians were cursing the Greeks. Suddenly the servant shouted, "Oh my! The dangerous Egyptians are attacking the small house." Diogenes, At once hurried to the chest. In the chest was seven clubs, which Diogenes took out and gave to us. THe Egyptians were breaking down the door and bursting into the small house. We bravely resisted the Egyptians,...
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