Egyptian relationship between gods, men and earth

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Egyptian relationship between gods, men and earth

Egypt’s Geographical isolation contributed to the independence of Egypt's religious development and to the weak influence of other religious systems. In Egypt, there were no more or less significant settlements, which did not have their gods. Not only the big town or Nome had their gods, but also small towns in polynomials had their gods. Furthermore these gods gave a great assistance to local devotion. Each god had a temple where people worshiped them equally and honored them to guarantee good health and wealth (Wikipedia). Egyptian religion was a fantastic reflection of the external forces that have ruled over the people in their daily lives. Egyptian’s belief and practices were more elaborating than many of the others religions. The Egyptian religion was expressed by the attitude of people to the gods and the elements of nature.

The ancient Egyptians thought that the gods created the world for humans and they owned their existence to the gods. In ancient Egypt the gods, unlike the gods of the ancient world did not have well-defined functions, they were less interested in human activities and almost never interfered in human disputes. Also the Egyptian gods did not communicate with the people, but they had human feelings such as love, hatred, jealousy and vindictiveness. “To a great extent, gods were patterned after humans--they were born, some died (and were reborn), and they fought amongst themselves. Yet as much as the gods' behavior resembled human behavior, they were immortal and always superior to humans” (Teeter, Brewer). Nevertheless Egyptians believed their gods essentially moral and sought to imitate them.

Egyptians imagined their gods in zoomorphic or anthropomorphic form, so gods regardless of their stay somewhere in the universe must have had their earthly homes. So "home" was an Egyptian temple. The temple kept the images of gods and objects of worship. Egyptians understood religiousness...

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