Egyptian Myth

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       "Egyptian Creation Myth"

The story begins with the ocean.  Out of the ocean comes an egg, and out of the egg comes Ra; god of the sun.  "When the world first started, only the ocean was there.  Ra came out of his egg when it appeared on the surface of the water.  He was the first Egyptian god" (Ancient Egypt Online).  Ra later spat out his children Shu and Tefnut.  Shu is his son, the god of air.  Tefnut is his daughter, the goddess of moisture.  Later, Tefnut gave birth to two children; Geb and Nut.  Geb was the god of the sky and Nut the goddess of the Earth.  It was said that Nut was married to Ra, but loved Geb.  When Ra found out he demanded they stay separated from each other (Ancient Egypt Online).  "Ra tried to separate Geb and Nut by placing Shu between them and decreed that Nut could not give birth on any day of the calendar. However, Thoth won an extra five days from the moon so that Nut could give birth to Osiris, Set, Isis, Nephthys and Horus the Elder” (Ancient Egypt Online).  The day that Osiris was born it was said that he was the god of all gods.  Set was immediately spiteful of his brother and would do anything to gain the power he had.  Set would later try and kill Osiris because of his extreme jealousy (Ancient Egypt Online).           The creation myth brings all of the other gods and goddesses to life; it shows how they were born and what association they have with each other. "The ancient Egyptians believed that there was a time when nothing had existed" (Parsons).  The creation myth is the myth that has lead to all of the other Egyptian myths.  It speaks of how it all began and how the other myths formed such as the myth of Osiris.  "The Hermopolitan creation had several variations” (Parsons).  The myth had been changed along the line of storytelling.  The myth does not focus as much on the humans, it more focuses on the gods and goddesses and how they led to other myths that created the humans.  There are a lot of different...

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