Egyptian and Mesoptamian Creation Story Comparison

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Creation Story Extra Credit
The Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations are similar yet differ in the way in which they were created. Civilizations were created years and years ago with many mythological characters and beliefs. Religion, gender, culture, gods, and society are impact the creation of these civilizations.

In each of these civilizations, “we” come from the same place, the Water. In the Egyptian creation story, the first thing that existed was the ocean. The ocean then laid an egg that hatched, Ra, the sun. Once Ra the sun was born, then came gods and goddesses, atmosphere, the Earth, and so on. In the Mesopotamian creation story, everything began with the water. From the water, sea monsters and gods were born. The gods then began to create life. The water played a huge role on the creation of “us” and who “we” are.

Both the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations believe in Polytheism. The Egyptian creation story takes place with many different gods and goddesses. Ra, the sun, brought these gods forth. The gods were Shu and Geb while the goddesses were Tefnut and Nut. Each of these gods was then the creator of something. In Mesopotamian society gods were brought to the picture, which then were the creators of everything.

Gender played a picture in each of these creation stories. The stories differ on the roles of Gender. In Egypt, they had respect for women and were treated identical to men. For example, Shu, a god, and Tefnut, a goddess together created the atmosphere. The Mesopotamian’s take on gender was that male and female were not equal. For example, Tiamat, the female creator, tries to take control. Her descendants unite against her, choosing one of their number - Marduk, the god of Babylon - to lead them.

In conclusion, the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations are very similar. This leads me to believe that all civilizations are related when it dates back to the year in which they were created. These creation stories only...
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