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Egyptian Culture
Even though its very different from many other cultures, Egyptian culture have a strong religious belief and artistic skills because they were the first societies to grow crops, tame animals and breed them for work and food and through the passing years they managed to stick with their same perspectives .

It all started developing a long narrow strip of land on either side of the Nile. When Egyptians had started growing their own life and creating their kingdoms. The Nile was a great source of life for the Egyptians at that time. They depended on it a lot because it provided them with a source of water to brew beer and wine from plants they grew(Woods,6). The Nile was the growing point of Egypt , it inspired early Egyptians science (Woods,8) and it kept it safe from the invasion. As the Nile helped reach a good rich agricultural life for the Egyptians it meant that less people were dying because they had more food and herbs for medicine. They started focusing more on other pursuits such as art and crafts.

“Egyptians for entertainment used to do many artistic things. They used clay for making vases, vessels, figurine and even coffins. They face painted and made their own jewelry(Jovinelly 122-4) They used to enjoyed life to the fullest, from parties to festivals . As for the kids they enjoyed playing “khuzza lawizza” or lead the frog and tug of war. They used to make their own clothes and shoes. would know the differences from the poor to the rich by their dress apparel.

“Linen was a major fabric used to provide clothing for them it was made up from
Flax a fine light-colored plant fiber. The differences were told apart by the type of material their clothes were made off. As for the pharaohs they only wore linen, well the finest. The workers had to wear loin cloths of coarser fabric and soldiers would cover the rear of their kilts with a leather netting(Hart 78-80)”.

Egyptian society wasn’t like many other; children...
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