Egypt vs Byzantine

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Egypt vs Byzantine: Trading Goods

Some similarities between Ancient Egypt and the Byzantine Empire were that they both traded in Syria and Constantinople, and use them both as main forms of trade sources, as well as using many forms of animals as transport such as donkeys and mules as well as transport ships to deliver materials and other trades goods between different countries that are separated by vast rivers where little canoes cant cross. Some differences between the two is the form of trade goods such as grain, silk, and oils in the Byzantine empire. The empire also used mostly animals as forms of transportation. The empire mostly traded what they made outside of grains and oils they traded silk clothing, pottery vases and urns that they made and somethings that they needed trading for was other ceramics, meats, herbs, and oils that they wanted and needed to continue to keep their empire running and flowing with life. Some things that weren’t traded in the empire were cookware such as plates, pots, and silverware just because it was made easily and every empire had their own form of cookware silverware.

The Egyptian empire traded mostly through ship hulls made from planks of wood and grass. In those hulls was their main source of trade, but they still use land routes through different civilizations across the way of trading. They mostly traded in with goods more than they traded out with goods. They mostly traded silks oils and perfumes the most luxurious of trade goods was the perfumes, furniture and oils just because of the scents that followed with them and how rare it was to blend different things together to make such a divine smelling aroma. The Egyptians were very prosperous and traded their goods through Lebanon, Canaan, Arad and other regions of the country. Some pharaohs and creators had their names stamped on the furniture and cookware with a thin strip of gold to make the furniture very pricey and expensive in some other regions....
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