Egypt and Mesopotamia

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Social class, Mesopotamia Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Although ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia had similarities in their religions’ roles concerning their rulers and class structure, they differed when considering the impact on their trade networks.

Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia had several similarities concerning their rulers role in religion. Both regions rulers have their power based on a form of divine authority. Evidence of this can be seen in Hammurabi’s Code. The artwork atop this column clearly shows Hammurabi receiving the code directly from one of his gods. In Mesopotamia these gods were worshiped in a massive pyramid stepped tower called ziggurats. Similarly, ancient Egyptian pharaohs were considered to be gods on earth. Therefore the laws they made were considered to have a divine source as well. The role of religious leaders having divine approval appears in both civilizations because the subjects of Mesopotamian priest kings and Egyptian pharaohs were more likely to obey laws from a superior being. Disobeying the laws of an earthly king may bring punishments, however disobeying laws from deities could bring punishment to everyone in the form of floods, droughts, or famine. No one in either civilization wanted to lose the favor of the gods.

In contrast ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia had many differences in religion concerning their economics. Mesopotamia’s center of trade was located at Ziggurats, which were also there place of worship. Goods were distributed evenly through the priest and king. Where as in ancient Egypt they had to trade with Nubia to get a lot of their necessary supplies. The Priest’s were very wealthy in Egypt because they would charge money to say prayers for the deceased to help them get into the after-life. The poor in these times were often unable to pay for these ceremonies. The role of religion on ancient economics is used in different ways in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia because in ancient Egypt Priest’s used their defined power to become wealthy with the promise...
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