Ego Development

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Ego Development
Dorothy McLean
Lisa Tobler
University of Phoenix

Ego Development

Jane Loevinger’s stages of ego development covers the entire lifespan of an individual. This theory focuses on the structure and not the content of the ego of an individual. This theory is also based on how we as individuals make sense of the life experiences that we have.

The impulsive stage begins with early childhood. This is the stage when a child looks at things in the sense of good verses bad in the way they perceive a person. The self-protective stage begins with the child. The manifestation that may occur during this stage is an individual may be egocentric and independent through bodily functions. According to the text “self-protectiveness is an appreciation of the world’s rules (McAdams, 2009)”. This appreciation comes no matter how the width of the individuals world. The self-protective person is opportunistic they may be manipulative and wary. Their conscious preoccupations are trouble, control.

The next stage is conformist a person who is a conformist looks at things from a point of fitting in. Conformist respect rules and display cooperative loyalty. The next stage is the conscientious/ conformist. The manifestation of this stage is exception allowable they are helpful and display self-awareness. Their preoccupations are feelings problems and adjustments. The conscientious stage is natural modes of thoughts. The manifestation of this stage is they have self-evaluated standard and are self-critical. They are intense and responsible and the preoccupations are motives, traits and achievements. The Individualistic stage develops a greater tolerance for the individuality of others. They are tolerant, their mode is mutual and their preoccupations are individuality, development and roles. The Autonomous is able to cope with conflict their mode is interdependent and their...

References: McAdams, D. P. (2009). The person: An introduction to the science of personality psychology (5th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
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