Eggshell powder with moringa substitute for talcum powder

Topics: Ovarian cancer, Talc, Cosmetics Pages: 15 (4480 words) Published: September 27, 2013


Generally, people use body and facial power to keep their skin soft and fresh and to feel comfortable, especially women who use this concentrate as a base for their make –up. Moreover, those who are living in relatively humid surroundings perspire profusely and with the help of Face and Body powder, they are able to reduce the odor and keep their skin dry for a longer period of time.

However, these products are mixed with ingredients which can be harmful to our skin in the long run. An example of these elements is magnesium silicate which can cause body tissue to constrict and create a dry surface. Additionally, commercial body and facial powder also has considerable amount of zinc stearate, which is a human irritant and can be determinant to our epidermis depending on the amount of usage.

Furthermore, Talcum Powder has really fine particles which can be easily inhaled and are linked to breathing problems and even death in babies. Preliminary studies showed that Talcum Powder may be associated to emergence of some types of cancer due to the presence of asbestos.

At present, consumers have become cautious of these harmful contents in their beauty products and interested in patronizing organic beauty products which are relatively much better for the body.

One organization called the Be Green Company will establish an alternative beauty care products which are safer for the consumers of all ages. The company will be producing Precious Face and Body Powder which intends to be suitable even for 5- month-old babies and will be available in different sizes, depending on the buying capabilities of the consumers.

The main purpose of this study is to determine the potential of egg shell as primary ingredient of a Body and Facial Powder. Also, the probability of Arrowroot, moringa leaves and rose oil as moisture absorbents, age defying and relaxing components. Also the study will also focus on the different aspects which can help promote the new product.


Specific Problems

Specifically, the study will try to answer the following questions:

1. Who will be the target market?
2. What are the marketing strategies to be used?
3. Where will be the location of the business?
4. What will be the set- up of the production of the Precious Face and Body Powder? 5. How many employees will be hired for the project?
6. How much will be the initial capital to start the project? 7. Will the project bring larger profit?
8. What other contributions could be provided to make the project a success?

General Problem

Is it Feasible to use grained egg shell as main ingredient in the Face and Body Powder?

Importance of the Study

The benefits of this product will be the following:

1. It will help the consumers improve their well-being and lifestyle without being exposed to harmful ingredients which can unknowingly cause diseases. 2. It will offer a safer beauty product which is eco-friendly and safer for consumers. 3. It will provide consumers an organic product which is affordable. 4. It will eradicate worries of users that the beauty product they area using is harmful to their bodies.

Objective of the Study

The study generally intends to produce a competitive beauty product which is safer and eco-friendly.

Specifically, the study aims to:

To produce Face and Body powder with organic ingredients.
Prove that eggshell still has value.
Produce a powder which has no talc and other chemicals.
To nurture your skin and body with a safe, and affordable alternatives Eliminate toxic ingredients in beauty and healthcare products.

Generally, the study aims to:

To provide a powder safe to everyone's skin even if inhaled. To be lined up to the manufacturer that making an eco-friendly product. To market Precious Face and body powder nationwide....
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