Egghead Main Idea

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Psychological manipulation Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Egghead Main Idea

The main theme of the novel Egghead by Caroline Pignat, is bullying. Throughout the novel, the characters Katie and Will are bullied by Shane and his gang. This book shows the problems in today’s schools and the dangers and change that happen because of bullying.

Shane is established early on as a bully, when he picks on Martin for having a stutter (page 13), and when he forces Will out of the change room in just his pink underwear (page 23). Will soon becomes a prime target for Shane, and many of Shane’s antics are directed towards Will, things anywhere from breaking his work (the ant farm, page 73) to making threats, such as “He’ll be sorry... the good for nothing little–” (page 60). Yet, the peak of this bullying is on page 124, when Shane chucks Will’s hat down the mogul run at the ski hill. He taunts Will into trying to go down after it, which ends with Will crashing badly into a tree and landing himself in a hospital. All of these things show the main idea of bullying, as Shane hurts and torments Will.

Also, this main idea is demonstrated through the way Shane treats Katie. He often calls her names like “Geek Girl” or tries to intimidate her. An example of this, is when he menacingly follows her through the halls, until she has to take refuge in the washroom. Additionally, at one point Shane assaults Katie in an attempt to aggravate Devan. This is described in the lines “Katie wriggling in his grip, still trying to break free. Her wrist is red from all the wrenching and twisting” (page 158)

While I think the intended theme of the novel is bullying, there is also an underlying message about change. Devan may start off as somewhat of a bully, but as the story progresses he turns over a new leaf, and stands up for victims like Katie and Will. Overall, the novel Egghead has many themes and messages that can be conveyed and provides a strong outlook into a situation happening all around the world today.
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