Egg Osmosis

Topics: Tonicity, Osmosis, Cell membrane Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: February 16, 2011

The purpose of this lab is to find out which osmotic environment the eggs are in while sitting in different liquids. There are three different types of environments: hypotonic, isotonic, and hypertonic. Hypotonic solution causes the cell to swell until it bursts. Hypertonic solution causes the cell to shrink or to lose weight. Isotonic solution doesn’t cause the egg to shrink or swell, it keeps the cell the same it’s just in a different environment. The hypothesis for the egg in one-hundred-percent water was that it was going to come out in hypertonic solution. For the egg in one-hundred-percent syrup was that it would come out in a hypotonic solution. The hypothesis for half water and half syrup was that it would be in an isotonic solution. Osmosis is the diffusion of water. It pushes the water across the cell membrane. This membrane is selective permeable. Which means that it only lets some substances to pass through while keeping others out. Relying on the on the structure of the plasma membrane substances are controlled of how, when and how much of one substance can pass through the plasma membrane.

Methods and Materials

On day one we used a styrofoam cup and an egg. We put the egg in the cup and then filled it with vinegar, took a piece of plastic wrap and put it around the top of the cup. We put an elastic band around the plastic wrap to keep the vinegar from spilling. We kept the egg in the vinegar for forty-eight hours. On day two, we got our eggs out of the storing box thing, took the rubber band off, also the plastic wrap. We threw the plastic wrap away then poured the vinegar out of the cup. Took the egg out, and rubbed the shell off the egg because the vinegar deteriorated the shell. Washed the egg off until all the shell was off the egg. We got a different cup and but the egg in it. Then we put water in one of the cups, syrup in the...
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