Egg Osmosis

Topics: Tonicity, Oxygen, Plasmolysis Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: September 13, 2010
The objective of this experiment is to demonstrate osmosis by using an egg as a model. In order for this to happen the vinegar will make the eggs shell disappears. The reason for this is because vinegar has acetic acid and the shell has calcium carbonate, when these come into contact it produces carbon dioxide. This is the reasoning for the little bubbles when the egg is first put into the vinegar. After the shell discinigrates it will become rubbery from the acetic acid, at this point the egg could very well bounce.


The hypothesis made for this experiment would be that the egg will grow in width after sitting in each solution for a certain length of time.   Materials:
To do this experiment, these materials will be needed: 1 egg in their shells, water, Corn syrup, vinegar, clear jar or container with a lid, measuring device, paper towels, your worksheet and a writing utensil.  Methods:

On Day 1
The first step should be to get your container or jar. Next, measure the egg by the width not length, and record the results in the data table. Now carefully place the raw measured egg into the jar or container and pour vinegar over the egg until it is covered completely. Cover the jar or container with a lid or foil. Then let the egg sit in the container until the hard outer layer is completely removed, about 24-48 hours.  On Day 2

Take of the lid to either the jar or container and pour out all of the vinegar. Carefully remove the egg from the jar or container and rinse under gently running water. After rinsing of the egg, record the new characteristics of the egg, and measure the width of the egg. Record the information on the worksheet. Place the egg in a clean container or jar. Carefully fill the container or jar with corn syrup, and cover the jar or container with a lid or foil and let sit for 24-48 hours. On Day 3

Take of the lid to either the jar or container and pour out all of the corn syrup. Carefully...
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